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Does anyone else have the problem where they  feel really uncomfortable and nervous when they step outside the house? Like, not necessarily for any particular reason, but just the feeling of being out in the open?

I think my agorophobia is getting worse, and while I can handle it just fine for reasons I’m obliged to do (head out to work or class) but anything that deviates from my regular routine makes me insanely uncomfortable.

I just, is there any advice how to manage this because I made a bunch of Valentine cards for my friends but I haven’t been able to mail them because I’ve been putting off going to the corner store to get envelopes.

I mean I guess I should probably just talk myself to suck it up and go through with it but idk I just want this feeling to go away.

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    i’m actually a little better with this but sometimes it still happens and i don’t leave the house because it’s like,...